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Carrier Location Platform Vendors


The LBS platform business is worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year, traditionally revolving around government mandates, consumer LBS, and enterprise applications. This market has undergone a difficult period as many rumored government mandates failed to materialize, consumer LBS was dominated by smartphone OS vendors, while commercial LBS is has having reasonable if stunted success. The result has been significant attrition in the market as companies have stopped developing or exited the market completely.  

However, carriers are now looking to a new generation of location applications such as lawful intercept, indoor, analytics, LIS, and advertising, as well as using location to improve network optimization and CEM. To meet this demand, low-cost passive location technologies, often based on probes, have emerged, which are shaking up the competitive environment and changing how carriers view location and their ability to drive new revenue opportunities. 

This Competitive Assessment aims to identify the companies that have emerged from the LBS platform market and compare those against the new companies best placed to compete. The market is in a period of transition, with carriers unsure if they have a role to play in advertising, analytics, and indoor location. This all makes for a very interesting competitive environment, where one successful deployment can have a huge baring on a company’s future success.