Do Organizations Really Need Mobile Security?

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3Q 2012 | IN-1014549


Of Endpoint Responsibility and Security Policies



Information security has been the bane of organizations since before data went digital. But the advent of computerized automation and the Internet required new data protection mechanisms and investment in endpoint and network security. Championed by company policies and borne by stalwart IT departments, the importance of computer security has been drilled down into the very soul of the corporate worker. And it seems that these years of accumulated experience and concerted efforts to avoid data loss are flying out the window as smart devices come storming into the workplace.

What happened? The BlackBerry, corporate’s favorite mobile, seemed to be doing everything right – it’s business-oriented with a priority on security. And then along came Apple’s prodigal son, the iPhone, with its shiny touch interface and surfeit of apps. Everybody and their mother jumped on that bandwagon – devic...

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