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Enterprise and Consumer Femtocells


The competitor analysis for enterprise and consumer femtocells covers both access point suppliers and end-to-end system suppliers. By separating the vendors by specialization, the report provides a fair comparison of the vendor landscape, treating access point specialists on their own merit, different from those that provide system integration capabilities. The report focuses specifically on the indoor residential and enterprise femtocell market, also including public venue femtocells. The report provides a separate vendor matrix and market share for access point vendors and end-to-end system vendors. 

As the market matures beyond residential femtocells, there is heightened activity in the enterprise and public venue market segments. While volumes are low in those segments compared to residential, the vendors have recognized higher profit margins, and scope for innovations. Also, most of the 4G related femtocell activity is concentrated on the enterprise and public venue segments, giving vendors a chance to be first to market, and build upon enhanced hardware and software platforms.

While the market is consolidating towards the larger end-to-end system vendors, as most try and develop in-house access points, the smaller specialist vendors have managed to remain competitive either by having strategic partnerships, or expanding their own system integration and femtocell core gateway capabilities. 

With the outdoor small cell market being dominated by the traditional macro vendors, the indoor enterprise and consumer femtocell market is where competitive dynamics will play out over the next few years. This report provides a detailed analysis of the vendors to watch out for, and the ones that are expected to remain relevant in this highly dynamic marketplace.