Next Generation Optimization, DPI, and Policy Image

Next Generation Optimization, DPI, and Policy


This Competitive Assessment examines three technologies that are growing in importance as operators seek to manage the increase in data traffic with the rise of smart phones and 3G and 4G networks. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Policy Control (PCRF), and Web and Video Optimization use are evolving beyond network operation and management, and are now taking on added roles as each operator seeks to monetize its mobile broadband networks. 

Vendor matrix and market share assessments are given for each of the three technologies. Different operators will find different vendor strategies and gain insight on those most suitable for each operator’s particular situation. Some vendors may prefer solutions that integrate tightly with its equipment vendor, while others with multi-vendor networks may design an independent solution. This assessment compares the relative merits of each strategy – which in some cases are orthogonal as each vendor diverges in its strategic focus.