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Gallium Nitride RF Power Devices


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New device technologies are starting to be fully ingrained in the RF high-power semiconductor marketplace. Foremost among these is GaN (Gallium Nitride). While being in a quasi-developmental stage for several years, production is now starting to ramp up and the future looks bright.

Designers of RF high-power amplifiers are always looking for greater efficiency and better high frequency performance. Until recently, silicon based technologies, such as Si LDMOS, held the top spots for under 4 GHz high-power operations. For applications above 4 GHz, GaAs had the bulk of this important semiconductor segment. GaAs; however, has severe power and voltage limitations. GaN promises to break that barrier for the microwave portion of the market and certain segments of the under 4GHz market as well. In the years to come GaN should keep marching up in the microwave segments at higher frequencies and higher power levels.

Needless to say, the GaN market is in its infancy and the business is dynamic and changing frequently. This short Market Data update looks at the current market TAM, major segments, and vendor rankings on a quarterly basis. While initially focused at those applications below 4 GHz, higher frequency revenues will be included as the technology and business performance progresses.

This Market Data package will be important for RF component manufacturers, RF Power amplifier and equipment manufacturers, defense industry participants, and others keeping an eye on the high-power RF markets.

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  1. GaN RF Power Device Revenue by Market Segment, World Market: 2013
  2. GaN RF Power Device Market Share by Market Segment, World Market: 2013
  3. GaN RF Power Device Market Share by Vendor, World Market: 2013