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Mobile Device Royalties


The Mobile Device Royalties Research Service provides subscribers with updates on the mobile technology royalty rates and revenues for mobile devices. For each of GSM, GSM/WCDMA, and GSM/WCDMA/LTE handsets and the total of these, the following data and forecasts are provided:

  • Mobile technology royalty revenues
  • Rates for no portfolio, weak portfolio, moderate portfolio, strong portfolio, and very strong portfolio
  • Average royalties rates

For each of handsets, media tablets, laptops/ultrabooks/netbooks, external modems, 4G mobile consumer electronics devices, and their totals, the following data and forecasts are provided:

  • Mobile device royalty attach point percentages
  • WiMAX royalty rates
  • WiMAX royalty revenue
  • LTE royalty rates
  • LTE royalty revenue
  • Total 4G royalty revenue

These forecasts provide market sizing for mobile technology royalties and what the rates are, and to what portion of non-handset devices royalties are applied to. This is useful information for patent holders seeking a check on the market, non-practicing entities, and new companies creating patents. It is vital for companies looking to incorporate mobile technologies into non-traditional devices and about to negotiate with patent holders.

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