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Video Hardware: Encoders, VOD Servers, and CDN


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Video delivery hardware continues to be in demand with the geometric growth of consumer’s video consumption. With the increasing penetration of broadband and development in enabling technologies, video consumption is no more exclusive to a particular place and is more pervasively accessible anywhere and at any time. Cable operator’s strategy to provide better consumer experience while competing with over-the-top video services has been decisive in its growth. With the shift of broadcast from analog to digital format, there has been an increase in investments to develop the infrastructure necessary to support the growing demand to access video content in a multi-screen environment. This transition varies by geography, with some developing regions making a shift from analog to digital as developed regions make the shift from digital to high definition.

This study covers worldwide markets for encoders, transcoders, video on demand (VOD) systems, advertising equipment and systems, and content delivery network hardware used exclusively within service provider or video delivery networks. This report covers product shipment and revenue forecasts for key regions that include North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa for the time period 2010 to 2018. The report tracks over 20 equipment manufacturers that are active in the video delivery ecosystem and presents worldwide market share by shipment from the period Q1 2010 to Q4 2012.

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