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mHealth Home Monitoring Services


Leveraging a range of wearable wireless devices, home monitoring is set to transition from traditional services targeted at providing emergency alerts and communication toward greater levels of monitoring for everyday life and activities. A wide range of sensors can now be deployed to provide ambient monitoring that can assist in the care of individuals - primarily seniors - without impacting daily activities or movements.

The market is also set to grow and benefit from the expanding aging population, combined with greater desire for the elderly to remain independent in their own homes or care homes for as long as possible. 

This Competitive Assessment examines the market for home monitoring devices that provide a range of consumer monitoring services to professional and private caregivers of the senior living in their own or sheltered housing. Individuals and seniors themselves can also be considering customers directly. These services aim to extend network connectivity to monitor a range of personal activities and parameters to enable those being cared for to live as independently as possible.

While there is already a long standing market for specialist Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) where devices communicate to a local gateway often over proprietary RF connectivity and from POTS service from the gateway, this report also examines players in the emerging Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) market.

AAL applications combined connectivity with sensors to monitor the well-being of seniors and other at-risk individuals within the home environment. Common sensors would be motion or pressure sensors to detect movement. Other sensor functions could include toilet usage, frequency of refrigerator access, or access to a connected medication dispenser. Wireless sensors connect through a gateway to a hosted application managed by the AAL provider. Today the connection from the gateway to the AAL service provider is typically some form of broadband or cellular connection.