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M2M Modules


This Competitive Assessment (CA) evaluates the vendors providing embedded cellular modules for M2M applications. It does so through the lens of a vendor matrix (VM) that assesses and ranks the top seven module vendors, as well as two market share (MS) evaluations. The first MS ranks the vendors by unit shipment volume of M2M embedded cellular modules for 2011. The second MS ranks the vendors by vendor revenue derived in 2011 through M2M activities, including the sale of M2M embedded cellular modules, terminals, software, and services.

The seven vendors providing M2M embedded cellular modules assessed in this CA include: Cinterion (a unit of Gemalto), Sierra Wireless, Telit Communications, Novatel Wireless, u-Blox, Simcom Wireless Solutions (a unit of SIM Technology), and Huawei. In the VM assessment Sierra Wireless was ranked first, followed by Cinterion in second place, and Telit Communications in third. The same three vendors top the two MS evaluations, although in differing orders:  in the unit shipment volume-based MS evaluation Cinterion was the leader, followed by Telit Communications, and then Sierra Wireless. In the revenue-based MS evaluation Sierra Wireless leads, followed by Cinterion, and then Telit Communications.

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