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Pay TV Subscribers


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This database presents an overview of the pay-TV market across three key subscription video platforms: satellite, cable, and telco TV. It supplies cumulative subscriber forecasts and penetration for the related platforms. Data are analyzed for seven regions (Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa), as well as for key countries within each region. Subscriber trends are based on information available in regulator published data, press releases, and trade journals, in conjunction with insights developed from research interviews and our historically collected data sets.

Table of Contents

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    • 1.1. Organization
    • 1.2. Global Subscriber Market Share Overview
    • 1.3. Pay Satellite TV Market Overview
    • 1.4. Pay Cable TV Market Overview
    • 1.5. Pay Terrestrial TV Market Overview
    • 1.6. Pay Telco TV Market Overview
    • 1.7. Pay TV Subscriptions by Operator Overview
    • 1.8. Quarterly Pay Satellite TV Subscribers and Penetration by Country
    • 1.9. Quarterly Pay Cable TV Subscribers and Penetration by Country
    • 1.10. Quarterly Pay Terrestrial TV Subscribers and Penetration by Country
    • 1.11. Quarterly Pay Telco TV Subscribers and Penetration by Country
    • 1.12. Additions and Changes
    • 1.13. Notes


  1. Pay TV Subscribers by Geography
  2. Pay TV Subscribers by Platform
  3. Pay Satellite TV Subscribers
  4. Pay Cable TV Subscribers
  5. Pay Terrestrial TV Subscribers
  6. Telco TV Subscribers
  7. Pay Digital Satellite TV Subscribers
  8. Pay Digital Cable TV Subscribers
  9. Pay HD Satellite TV Subscribers
  10. Pay HD Cable TV Subscribers
  11. Pay HD Terrestrial TV Subscribers
  12. HD Telco TV Subscribers