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Alternative Positioning Technologies


This vendor matrix focuses on the wide-area alternative and hybrid location market and the adoption of a variety of technologies across all major vertical markets. It includes solutions from LBS platform providers, device OEMs, established alternative location technology providers, start-ups, and companies forecast to enter the market in the future. While precision indoor location technologies are considered part of the innovation section of the analysis, those technologies are not a core part of this vendor matrix. A separate matrix will be available covering these technologies in future ABI Research reports. Wide-area alternative location technologies are technologies that are capable of supporting both indoor and outdoor location without the need to hand off to another technology when moving between indoor and outdoor environments. These technologies are designed to meet ubiquitous consumer and commercial LBS requirements as well as emerging government legislation. Precision indoor location technologies refer to technologies that have been primarily developed and optimized for the indoor environment. Typically these technologies will involve some form of dedicated beacons or location units, the processing of signal characteristics unique to the indoor environment, or both. We discuss these technologies in detail in this report.