Mobile Shopping and the Mobile Wallet


In December 2011, ABI Research surveyed 2,000 mobile users (965 of which were smartphone users) in the United States on a variety of topics. The survey included several questions specific to mobile money and payment services. This report focuses on selected results and analysis of the survey’s findings in regard to smartphone user behaviors. Several questions from the survey were extracted for this report. They cover: 1) intent to mobile shop, 2) the specific behaviors of those who mobile shop, 3) the significance of apps to mobile money/mobile shopping, 4) the frequency of use for mobile money/mobile shopping apps, 5) usage patterns of consumers who use retailer-branded apps, and 6) mobile advertising.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Methodology


  1. Mobile Shopping
  2. How Are Consumers Using Smartphones to Shop?
  3. Types of Apps Have and Use on Smartphone
  4. Apps Used Most Often on Smartphone
  5. Actions Taken Because of Retailer-Branded Apps on Smartphone
  6. Ever Clicked on an Ad on a Mobile Phone? Type of Ads Clicked on From Mobile Phone
  7. Actions Taken as Result of Viewing or Clicking an Ad on a Mobile Phone