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Please refer to Media Devices: UltraHD, 4K, HDR, 8K, HEVC to ensure you are viewing the latest forecasts.

This database contains market forecast data for LCD and PDP shipments, revenues, and ASP, by region. Similar data are given for DVD players, DVD recorders, Blu-ray players and recorders, standalone PVRs, game consoles, and portable game consoles, portable audio and video players, cameras, SLRs, and camcorders. Most markets are split into regional sections including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa. Worldwide vendor market shares are also included for flat panel TVs (aggregate), game consoles, portable game players, and Blu-ray players by quarter starting in 2010.

Table of Contents

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    • 1.1. Flat Panel Televisions
    • 1.2. Gaming Devices
    • 1.3. Digital Cameras and Camcorders
    • 1.4. Digital Photo Frames
    • 1.5. Internet Appliances
    • 1.6. DVD and Blu-ray Players
    • 1.7. DVD and Blu-ray Recorders
    • 1.8. PVR and Smart Set Top Box Shipments
    • 1.9. Portable Audio and Media Players
    • 1.10. Pivot Tables (Shipments and Revenue)


  1. Plasma TV Shipments
  2. Plasma TV Revenue
  3. LCD TV Flat Panel Shipments
  4. LCD TV Flat Panel Revenue
  5. LED TV Flat Panel Shipments
  6. Total Flat Panel TV Shipments
  7. Portable Game Player Shipments
  8. Portable Game Player Revenue
  9. Game Console Shipments
  10. Game Console Revenue
  11. Digital Compact Camera Shipments by Region
  12. Digital Compact Camera Revenue by Region
  13. Digital SLR Shipments by Region
  14. Digital SLR Revenue by Region
  15. Total Digital Still Camera Shipments by Region
  16. Total Digital Still Camera Revenue by Region
  17. Digital Camcorder Shipments
  18. Digital Camcorder Revenue
  19. Digital Photo Frame Shipments
  20. Digital Photo Frame Revenue
  21. FPTV Unit Shipments
  22. Game Console Unit Shipments
  23. Portable Game Player Unit Shipments
  24. Blu-ray Player Shipments
  25. DVD Player Shipments
  26. DVD Player Revenue
  27. Blu-ray Player Shipments
  28. Blu-ray Player Revenue
  29. DVD Recorder Shipments
  30. DVD Recorder Revenue
  31. Hard Drive DVD Recorder Shipments
  32. Hard Drive DVD Recorder Revenue
  33. Blu-ray Recorder Shipments
  34. Blu-ray Recorder Revenue
  35. PVR Only Shipments by Technology
  36. HD PVR Shipments by Technology
  37. PVR Shipments by Technology
  38. Smart Set-Top Box Shipments
  39. Smart Set-Top Box Revenue
  40. Portable Audio Player Shipments
  41. Portable Audio Player Revenue
  42. Portable Media Player Shipments
  43. Portable Media Player Revenue