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What sort of things could you do with an NFC-equipped smartphone besides make a payment? The answer is simple: there are many innovative ways that NFC-equipped smartphones could connect retailers, brands, and enterprises with their customers and connect people to people (peer-to-peer) or people to devices (device pairing). When a smartphone becomes a portable NFC reader, the possibilities are endless and exciting. Most NFC non-payment applications are in the trial, pilot, and limited deployment phase, but activity is brisk across the globe and new users are adopting NFC tags or making them part of their service offerings. And while everyone is looking for the killer application, there is not necessarily just one, but likely many with NFC tags. This report examines the considered applications for NFC, outside of payments. It reviews the opportunity for companies looking to provide services and develop new business models that are being realized with the first large scale shipments of NFC-enabled smartphones. Summarized in this report are the remaining barriers to the market from both an issuer, service provider, and end user perspective. Key forecasts include revenues and volumes of NFC tags into the key applications.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Top Line Forecast
    • 1.1. Introduction
    • 1.2. Lead with Non-payment Applications
    • 1.3. NFC Enables More than Payment (NFC Non-payment Applications)
    • 1.4. NFC Means "Now Find Consumers"
    • 2.1. NFC Defined
    • 2.2. Operating Modes of NFC Devices
    • 2.3. NFC Tags Defined (Tags vs. Stickers)
    • 2.4. NFC Tag Types (NFC Forum Specifications)
    • 2.5. Important HF RFID/Contactless/NFC Standards
    • 2.6. ISO 15693 and NFC
    • 3.1. It Is Time to Focus on Non-payment NFC Applications and Devices
    • 3.2. NFC as an Extension of Mobile Marketing
    • 3.3. Do Not Wait to Educate on NFC
    • 3.4. NFC Non-payment Applications
    • 3.5. Excluded Applications
    • 3.6. Reference Use Cases
    • 3.7. Classifying NFC Non-payment Applications: ABI Research's Segmentation
    • 3.8. NFC IC Manufacturers Chipping Away at NFC Opportunity
    • 3.9. NFC Inlay and Tag Manufacturers Prep for Non-payment Applications, Hope for Volume
    • 3.10. NFC Device Manufacturers Get into the NFC Tag Game
    • 3.11. Smartphones Are the Key to Unlocking Applications
    • 3.12. Top Five Things that the NFC Non-payment Market Has Going for It Right Now
    • 4.1. NFC Tags and NFC Tags by Primary Application
    • 4.2. NFC Tag Cost Considerations
    • 6.1. Scope of Study
    • 6.2. Sources and Methodology
    • 6.3. Notes


  1. NFC Tag Revenues, World Market Forecasts: 2011 to 2016
  2. NFC Tag Unit Shipments, World Market, by Primary Application: 2011 to 2016
  3. Technology Feature Attach Rate - NFC-equipped Handsets
  4. NFC Tag Revenues (Non-payment Applications)
  5. NFC Tag Unit Shipments (Non-payment Applications)
  6. NFC Tag Unit Shipments by Primary Application (Non-payment Applications)