CE Device Ownership in South Korea


This is a primary research-based tracking study that provides dynamic insight into the constantly-changing South Korean consumer mobility market. In March 2011, 1000 South Korean consumers completed a comprehensive online questionnaire that gathered detailed current usage information, and next six-month purchase intentions for mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. Usage and perceptions of mobile money services, mobile advertising, location-based services, and multi-device data sharing plans were also covered in the survey.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Methodology


  1. South Korea: Summary - Currently Own One or More
  2. South Korea: Summary - Average Number of CE Devices Currently Owned
  3. South Korea: CE Devices Intended for Purchase in Next Six Months
  4. South Korea: Summary - Percent with One or More (Computers)
  5. South Korea: Brands of Media Tablets Owned
  6. South Korea: Next Six Month Computer Purchase Intentions
  7. South Korea: Summary: Frequent (at Least Once a Day) Mobile Device Usage
  8. South Korea: Summary: Frequent (at Least Once a Day) Mobile/Smartphone Activities
  9. South Korea: Interested In/Already Download These Apps on Mobile/Smartphone
  10. South Korea: Summary: Extremely/Very Likely to Download These Types of Apps
  11. South Korea: Ever Clicked on an Advertisement on Mobile Phone?
  12. South Korea: Have Done the Following as a Result of Clicking on Ad
  13. South Korea: Perceived Level of Security of Mobile Phone
  14. South Korea: Current Usage of Mobile Money Services
  15. South Korea Summary: Likely to Use Mobile Money Services
  16. South Korea Summary: Don't Use/Don't Intend to Use Mobile Money Services
  17. South Korea: Likelihood of Allowing Location to be Used by Third Party
  18. South Korea: Interest in Multi-device Sharing Plan
  19. South Korea: Reasons for Lack of Interest in Multi-device Sharing Plan
  20. South Korea: Age
  21. South Korea: Number of People in Household
  22. South Korea: Number of Children Under Age 18 in Household
  23. South Korea: Education
  24. South Korea: Occupational Status
  25. South Korea: Occupation/Job Function
  26. South Korea: Gender
  27. South Korea: Projected Annual Pre-tax Income in 2011