Mobile Applications


This report is based on the most recent wave of ABI Research’s biannual Technology Barometer™: Mobile survey, which provides invaluable insight into the consumer behavior in the fast-evolving app sector. The survey was completed in December 2011 by 2,000 US consumers between the ages of 14 and 64. The report analyzes the respondents' answers about device ownership, interest in particular app segments, app usage, and the average spend on apps. The answers are presented as user-friendly charts and accompanied by an ABI Research analyst's commentary. In several of the questions, the results also include comparisons to the survey's previous iteration, conducted in March 2011.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Methodology


  1. Percent of Respondents with One or More of the Device
  2. Types of Apps Downloaded or Would Be Interested in Downloading
  3. Types of Apps Have and Use on Smartphone
  4. Apps Used Most Often on Smartphone
  5. Actions Taken Because of Retailer-branded Apps on Smartphone
  6. Number of Apps Downloaded to Smartphone in Past Year
  7. Factors Influencing Download of Favorite Apps to Smartphone
  8. Percent of Apps Downloaded in Past Year That Were Free
  9. Average Monthly Spend on Smartphone Apps in Past Year
  10. Type of Apps Definitely or Probably Would Download
  11. Media Tablet Features
  12. Media Tablet Apps