Business Customers: Mobile Devices, Usage, Features, Adoption and Interests: 4Q 2010 UK, Germany, France, China, India, and Indonesia Survey Results

ABI Research conducts a yearly survey update on international mobile phone device business customer adoption, usage, interest and preference profiles of mobile phone devices and services. The data presented are for survey analysis conducted in December 2010 and segmented by country. The countries involved are the UK, Germany, France, China, India and Indonesia.

Respondent statistics are provided for:
- Mobile phone device adoption: mobile phones, smartphones, device brand
- Mobile phone device form factor: current use and plans
- Smartphone adoption: operating system choice, reasons for selection, future upgrade intentions
- Mobile phone device service: prepaid/postpaid, monthly minute usage, operator
- Liability of service plans (corporate vs. personal): for business-use mobile phones, business-use smartphones
- Issue/provider of mobile phone device (corporate vs. personal): for business-use mobile phones, business-use smartphones
- Mobile phone feature adoption and frequency of use: email, IM, messaging (text, picture, video), Internet access, mobilized enterprise application
- Expenditures: business-use mobile phone/smartphone monthly costs, downloadable applications
- Mobile phone malware concern level

Table of Contents

  • Methodology


  1. Mobile Phone Usage
  2. Brand of Mobile Phone Used Most Often for Business Reasons
  3. Form Factor of Current Mobile Phone
  4. Expected Form Factor for Next Business-focused Mobile Phone
  5. Is Your Mobile Phone a Smartphone?
  6. Operating System of Current Smartphone
  7. Top Three Reasons for Selecting Current Smartphone
  8. Next Year Smartphone Upgrade Intentions
  9. Type of Smartphone Most Likely to Get in the Next Year
  10. Top Three Reasons for Upgrading to Smartphone within a Year
  11. Type of Mobile Phone Service
  12. Summary: Mean Voice Minutes Used per Month
  13. Type of Mobile Phone Service Plan
  14. Method of Obtaining Mobile Phone
  15. Summary: Mean Monthly Expenditures on Mobile Phone Service
  16. Mobile Phone Service Provider: UK
  17. Mobile Phone Service Provider: France
  18. Mobile Phone Service Provider: Germany
  19. Mobile Phone Service Provider: China
  20. Mobile Phone Service Provider: India
  21. Mobile Phone Service Provider: Indonesia
  22. Summary: Features Used Once a Day or More Often
  23. Frequency of Use: Video Chat/Calling/Conferencing
  24. Frequency of Use: Text Messaging
  25. Frequency of Use: Picture Messaging
  26. Frequency of Use: Video Messaging
  27. Frequency of Use: Email (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, ISP, etc.)
  28. Frequency of Use: Corporate Email (MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.)
  29. Frequency of Use: Instant Messaging (IM)
  30. Frequency of Use: Accessing the Internet
  31. Frequency of Use: Accessing Videos through the Internet
  32. Frequency of Use: Mobilized Enterprise Applications
  33. Summary: Mean Monthly Expenditures on Mobile Phone Service
  34. Amount Spent on Downloadable Applications Last Year
  35. Level of Concern about Viruses Attacking Mobile Phone
  36. Devices Used for Business Reasons
  37. Number of Employees at Organization
  38. Primary Industry of Organization
  39. Occupation
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