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  • Home Automation: 2009 US Consumer Survey Results

    2Q 2010 | Report | SU-1809 | 33 pages | 25 charts | Powerpoint

    Home automation is an established, albeit niche, market that is reaching an inflection point as new types of systems, such as those incorporating standards-based "no-new-wires" technologies and managed services offered by broadband service providers, join the established custom-designed and installed luxury home automation market. As this evolution progresses, there are many pressing questions about consumer preferences and activities with respect to home automation technologies and services.

    Such questions include, among others: what percentage of consumers currently have a home automation system deployed? Of those who don’t have a home automation system deployed, what percentage plan to do so within the next year? Next three years? How do consumers prefer to acquire home automation technology? How much are consumers willing to pay for home automation technology? How are consumers most interested in interfacing with their home automation systems? How interested are consumers in "no-new-wires" technologies? What home automation sub-applications are consumers most interested in using?

    This presentation offers the consumer survey results and accompanying analysis of ABI Research’s 2009 US Consumer Survey, with respect to consumer attitudes and activities in the area of home automation. An online survey methodology was used, with the survey conducted September 8-10, 2009 and completed by 1,001 consumers in the United States. The sample source comprised members of a leading global online market research panel that offers market researchers access to the world's most highly profiled, responsive and rigorously maintained online panel of 4.3 million active members covering 33 international panels. Survey participants were adults of at least 18 years of age and were either the sole decision-maker or shared decision-making for home automation for their home.

    Table of Contents

    • Methodology


    1. Level of Knowledge/Experience with "Home Automation"
    2. Where Obtained Home Automation System
    3. Functions Used as Part of Home Automation System
    4. Methods Used to Interface with Home Automation System
    5. Initial Amount Paid for Home Automation System Equipment and Installation
    6. Do You Pay a Monthly Charge to Have Your Home Automation System Professionally Monitored?
    7. Amount Paid to Have Home Automation System Professionally Monitored
    8. Overall Satisfaction with Home Automation System
    9. Interest in "No-New-Wire" Technologies
    10. Plans to Get a Home Automation System in the Future
    11. Reasons Not Planning to Get Home Automation System in Foreseeable Future
    12. Preference for Obtaining Home Automation System
    13. Functions Expect to Use as Part of Home Automation System
    14. Ways in Which Expect to Interface with a Home Automation System
    15. Amount Willing to Pay for a Home Automation System
    16. Importance of "No-New-Wire" Technology in a Home Automation System
    17. Age
    18. Role in Decision Making
    19. Gender
    20. Home Ownership
    21. Marital Status
    22. Number of People in Household
    23. Education
    24. Income
    25. Ethnicity