Save Your Baby or Use Wi-Fi?

2Q 2009 | IN-1006634

Do consumers have to make a choice between Wi-Fi and household devices, such as baby monitors? Ofcom, a UK regulatory group, focuses its enforcement efforts in three areas: broadcasting, telecom, and protecting the airwaves. It has done some fine work in protecting its citizens. Recently it decided to look into possible interference issues with Wi-Fi and commissioned Mass Consultants to conduct surveys and tests and write a report on the matter. The report has now been published and some UK publications have sensationalized the results. One PC-oriented magazine suggested that baby monitors and wireless TV signals might kill off Wi-Fi in urban areas. Having to choose between keeping a baby safe and accessing the Internet wirelessly might make exciting reading, but a National Enquirer approach could do serious damage to a Wi-Fi industry that faces the same recessionary pressures as do other industries. What does a look at the report itself reveal?`

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