Camera Phones: Ubiquitous But Unused?

2Q 2009 | IN-1006615

About ten years ago, I conducted a survey among consumers in the United States that included a question to gauge interest in using cell phones to take pictures. At that time, camera phones did not exist in the market. While I do not remember the level of interest that resulted from the survey, I do remember my own reaction, which was, “Why would anyone ever want to use a cell phone to take a picture?” Needless to say, no one will ever call me a visionary. Now, spring forward ten years, and camera phones are ubiquitous. Even I, a relative laggard in terms of adopting technology as compared to many of my colleagues, have one. However, I honestly do not remember ever using my phone to take a picture. Is camera functionality on mobile phones one of those features that people want and have – but seldom use?

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