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Femtocell Ecosystem Chart


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The femtocell ecosystem chart maps out the equipment vendors, operators, system vendors and silicon suppliers across the femtocell value chain. The chart provides a snapshot profile and recent femtocell activity for each value chain member, and helps to clarify the relationships between the vendors, operators and suppliers. Operators in North America, Europe and Asia that are actively trialing femtocells or have launched commercial services are listed, providing details of their trials/launches and the vendors and suppliers that are linked to each individual operator. Equipment manufacturers have their femtocell CPE equipment listed providing details of their preferred gateway vendors, IT system partners and operator relationships. Silicon vendors include both baseband and RF system suppliers, listing their products, status, partners, and customers. System vendors consist of gateway and controller vendors, listing their products and integration partners. The femtocell ecosystem chart will be updated quarterly to reflect the changing trends in the femtocell market.

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  1. Femtocell Ecosystem, Access Point Vendors
  2. Femtocell Ecosystem, Silicon Vendors
  3. Femtocell Ecosystem, System Vendors