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Home Networking Market Data


This database contains market forecasts for a variety of networked devices as well as forecasts related to the installed base of home networking households. The devices forecasted include shipments for networked entertainment devices such as DVD players, TVs, mobile media players, game consoles, set-top boxes, media adapters, digital cameras and AV players. Networking devices are also included, such as home routers, gateways, network storage devices, and bridges and adapters. The forecast also includes network interfaces, including shipments for HomePlug, MoCA, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and UWB. The forecasts for devices include units shipped, revenues and ASPs. Each device category has accompanying forecasts for network interfaces. Home network household forecasts include regional breakdowns.

Table of Contents



  1. Home Networks Device (Non-media) Shipments
  2. Home Networking Revenue by Category
  3. Home Networked Media Device Shipments
  4. Total Home Networking Revenue by Category
  5. Home Media Network Connections by LAN Type
  6. Total Home Networking Hardware Revenue
  7. Home Gateway and Router Shipments
  8. Home Gateway and Router Revenue
  9. Bridge and NIC/Adapter Shipments
  10. Bridge and Adapter Connections by LAN Type
  11. Home NAS Units by Type
  12. Home Router and Gateway Shipments by Region
  13. Home Gateway Network Connections by Type
  14. Media Networks by Region
  15. Media Networking Device Shipments by Category
  16. Media Networking Device Revenue by Category
  17. Media Network Connections by LAN Type
  18. Networked TV LAN Connections
  19. Networked DVD LAN Connections
  20. Set-top Box LAN Network Connections
  21. Wi-Fi Digital Still Camera Shipments
  22. Wi-Fi Digital Camcorder Shipments
  23. Networked Game Console Network Connections
  24. Wi-Fi Handheld Game Console Shipments
  25. Wi-Fi Portable Media Player Shipments
  26. Networked Audio Device Connections
  27. Networked Media Adapter LAN Connections
  28. Media Server Shipments by Type
  29. Media Server Revenue


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