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Set-Top Box Shipment by Vendor Market Tracker


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This database presents an overview of STB shipments across seven video platforms: digital cable, digital satellite (pay services and free-to-air), IPTV, digital terrestrial TV (pay services and free-to-air). The data provide TV household by platform, annual shipment forecasts for each technology (cable, digital satellite, IPTV and digital terrestrial television) and box type (basic standard definition, standard definition with personal video recorder, high definition, and high definition with personal video recorder). They include forecasts segmented by encoding standard (MPEG-2 or MPEG-2/MPEG-4 (H.264) and terrestrial units by broadcast standard (ATSC, DTMB, DVT-T, ISDB-T). Data are analyzed for six regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. A summary of the methodology, key definitions, and relevance of information in each section is offered below. The inclusion of explicit forecasts for units targeted primarily at FTADBS and breaking down of units for FTADTT and PayDTT is new in this database. TV household data is shown for all of the platforms.

Table of Contents

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  1. Key STB Vendor Market Share
  2. Key CATV STB Vendor Market Share
  3. Key DBS STB Vendor Market Share
  4. Key IPTV STB Vendor Market Share
  5. Key DTT STB Vendor Market Share
  6. Key STB Vendor Shipment
  7. Key CATV STB Vendor Shipment
  8. Key DBS STB Vendor Shipment
  9. Key IPTV STB Vendor Shipment
  10. Key DTT STB Vendor Shipment
  11. Key STB Vendor Revenue (US$ million)