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Worldwide Wireless Subscriber Forecasts


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This Market Data product highlights the important subscriber trends for worldwide mobile cellular regional markets and for each of the seven major geographical regions. As well as presenting the latest quarterly results, the database provides a five-year quarterly and annual forecast. Quarter-on-Quarter and Year-on-Year historical comparisons are available as conveniently formatted charts and tables in one easy-to-use Microsoft Excel file.

Table of Contents

  • 1. New Product Diffusion Model
    • 1.1. Deriving the Growth Coefficients
  • 2. Outline of ABI Research's Mobile Subscription Forecasting Methodology
  • 3. Mobile Subscription Trends
  • 4. Additional Notes
    • 4.1. Mobile Broadband Subscription Definition
    • 4.2. Mobile 4G Subscription Definition
  • Table 1-1, Historical Quarterly & Yearly Mobile Subscriptions Comparison, Worldwide, 1Q-2009 to 1Q-2010, By Technology


  1. Diffusion Model
  2. New Product Diffusion Profile (Net Adoptions)
  3. Mobile Subscriber Forecasting Methodology