Verizon Wireless Will NOT Be "Replacing" 3G with LTE By the End of 2013

1Q 2010 | IN-1005325

Network World recently ran a Q&A with Tony Melone, EVP and CTO of Verizon Wireless about Verizon Wireless's LTE rollout plans, in which Melone stated that "everywhere [Verizon Wireless has] 3G coverage today, [they'll] have 4G coverage." Today, with the most extensive 3G coverage in the United States, Verizon Wireless covers 289 million people. To reach that level of 4G coverage in about three years would be quite an aggressive rollout, and to think that Verizon Wireless is ripping out its 3G network would be completely wrong. The hype becomes a game of telephone: one article includes an inaccurate choice of words, another picks it up and passes it on with an even worse choice of words, and then another, and quickly the wrong information is disseminated.

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