3G Handsets in India

3Q 2009 | IN-1004573

In India, carriers have been pleading for handset manufacturers to build low cost 3G handsets in the hopes of removing one of the barriers to entry for consumers and to support the launch of 3G services. As India begins to wrestle with live 3G services, carriers need to find a way to support the cost of a nationwide rollout of 3G services. Unfortunately, growth in India’s wireless market is driven by low costs in both service plans and handsets. In fact, with the price sensitivity of Indian customers, it is an absolute must that both handsets and tariffs are kept low. Operators in India and global handset manufacturers have done a great job at lowering prices in the 2G space, but they have a long way to go for 3G. Given these challenges, can 3G make it in India?

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