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  • Regional and Country Economic Indicators

    Updated Annually | Data | MD-ECON-100 | 3 pages | 7 tables | Excel | PDF

    A newer version of this research is available: General Economic Indicators

    As the 2008-2009 financial crisis has demonstrated: the economy matters. The health and growth of economies help to increase - or decrease - the disposable incomes of their populations. Shrinking wallets can have an impact on telecom, wireless, and consumer electronics sales. ABI Research relies on these economic sources to inform and shape our telecom and technology forecasts.

    This Market Data product tracks the following regional and national economic indicators on a quarterly basis:

    - Economic Assessment: Percentage Change in Output GDP
    - Economic Assessment: Output GDP per Capita
    - Official Bank Interest Rates
    - Unemployment Rate
    - National Debt
    - Consumer Confidence Index
    - Business Confidence Index

    Table of Contents

    • Methodology, Definitions, and Assumptions 1. Methodology, Definitions, and Assumptions


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    1. Economic Assessment: Percentage Change in Output GDP, IMF, 2001 to 2010
    2. Unemployment Rate:, By Country, Mar-1998 to 3Q-2009
    3. National Debt:, By Country, Mar-1998 to 3Q-2009