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Mobile Operator CAPEX


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The quarterly updated Mobile CAPEX Database provides a comprehensive look at quarterly CAPEX spend from carriers in both local and normalized US$ values. This product provides CAPEX values on a quarter by quarter basis for 99 different carrier operating companies across all major global region. The quarterly historical forecasts are complimented by forecasts for yearly region CAPEX spend.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Mobile Operator Forecast Methodology
    • 1.1. Revenue Forecasts
      • 1.1.1. Average Revenue and Usage per User Dynamics
    • 1.2. CapEx Forecast Methodology
      • 1.2.1. Mobile CAPEX & the Items it Includes
      • 1.2.2. Calculating the Mobile CAPEX per Service Revenue $ Generated
      • 1.2.3. Regional and Global Analysis for Mobile CAPEX
  • 2. Important Definitions


  1. Operator Revenue Categories
  2. Historical Analysis of Operator Revenue Streams: Voice
  3. Historical Analysis of Operator Revenue Streams: SMS-based Info Browsing
  4. Historical Analysis of Operator Revenue Streams: Mobile Internet Revenues
  5. Financial End of Year Timeframes