The UWB Market Shakeout

4Q 2008 | IN-1002538

Ultra Wideband (UWB) has had a long and troubled road to minimal market acceptance. Standardization battles, lengthy first generation roll-out schedules, and drastically under-achieving, over-hyping product solutions have created a permanent dark cloud over the whole industry. And now, as second generation products actually start to deliver on some of the early market possibilities - on the cusp of measureable market penetration, albeit small - the UWB market is starting to crumble and the vendor shakeout has begun. The process started simply enough, with one company filing for bankruptcy, but within the span of six weeks, the early market leader has closed its doors, the largest market vendor has ceased all UWB efforts, and one of the very few UWB software suppliers sold off its UWB business unit. The market changes are coming fast and furious and justifiably so as the market took entirely too long to find its market identity. Let’s look at the timeline.

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