The MVNO Shuffle: Qwest, Sprint, Embarq, and Verizon

by Dan Shey | 2Q 2008 | IN-1002522

(This ABI Research Insight, originally published April 10th, 2008, is updated to reflect new information ABI Research has obtained regarding Qwest and Embarq services.)

Recent news reports highlight that MVNOs Qwest Wireless and Embarq are re-evaluating their relationship with wholesaler Sprint. The issue for both companies is that their wireless customer growth has been flat or declining since they became MVNOs. Worse is the low customer growth accompanied by low wireless business profitability. In this ABI Insight, we present perspectives from Sprint, Embarq, and Qwest with a focus on the possibilities for Embarq and Qwest to switch to another network provider such as Verizon.

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