Preparing for a 31-Flavor All-Wireless World

3Q 2008 | IN-1002432

End users don’t care about the abbreviations representing the standards that govern their mobile devices. Most ignore distinctions between GSM and CDMA, for example, until users bump into limitations, in which case they are then quick to complain. If you add Wi-Fi and WiMAX to the mix, the brew becomes very unpalatable. Some vendors such as DiVitas Networks and Agito Networks are offering roaming between Wi-Fi and 3G networks today, but the interoperability issues require companies to be careful when it comes to choosing the limited products that are guaranteed to work together smoothly. Of course there’s the UMA solution that Kineto has been preaching it seems since Moses was a young man. That approach also has its limitations, including total control by the mobile operator and limited product selection. For many large enterprise IT managers, that’s simply not acceptable. UMA has always been pointed to as a short-term solution – one that would go away if we had an all IP wireless world.

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