Increasing Video Content Spells Opportunity

1Q 2008 | IN-1002283

Remember in the movie classic “The Graduate” when a family friend whispers the road to riches to a very young Dustin Hoffman. In the 1960s the word was “plastics.” Today, the same family friend, assuming he was in the technology business, might whisper “video.” It is not coincidental that John Chambers made a major change to his annual meeting with analysts by filling the stage with two large screens and focusing on video as a key component of communications. Of course, Chambers sees Telepresence and the video it generates as a major new source of internet traffic that in turn will result in the sales of more Cisco routers and switches. Telepresence is not the only growing source of increased video, however. In this ABI Insight, we’ll look at the impact of video on every portion of the wire line and wireless vendor ecosystem supplying enterprise and consumer markets.

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