Low Energy Bluetooth

Low Energy Bluetooth (or Bluetooth Low Energy – BLE) does not compete with existing Bluetooth nor does it extend existing Bluetooth directly. Instead it is a separate method of transmitting and receiving small amounts of data that can reside alongside existing Bluetooth software stacks on Bluetooth ICs and also share some key elements such as the Bluetooth radio and antenna to provide a new range of services. BLE’s advantages are twofold. The possibility of integrating Low Energy Bluetooth into all new Bluetooth ICs at little or no increased cost seeds the market for BLE devices. In addition, by allowing mobile handsets to act as gateways to the WAN/Internet, Low Energy Bluetooth supports a new generation of real-time online applications for low-power personal devices. This study establishes the potential for the Low Energy Bluetooth alongside other offerings across a range of criteria including functionality, applications suitability, market positioning and potential acceptance.

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Publish Date
1Q 2009
Research Type
Research Report Report