The 802.15.4 Chipset Market


This study analyzes both consumer electronics and commercial IEEE 802.15.4 markets. To date, the 802.15.4 market has grown steadily, based on proprietary point-to-point solutions and the ZigBee-based AMI infrastructure trials. 802.15.4 technology should drastically increase market growth as the RF4CE Consortium – backed by consumer electronics industry leaders – standardizes a remote control solution, and ZigBee AMI trials move towards full-scale rollouts to provide a true smart energy solution. The report provides vital insight into the ongoing market dynamics and opportunities, and provides crucial data for 802.15.4 IC unit shipments, average selling prices, and revenue to 2013. Additionally, it highlights the leading early adopter vertical markets and forecasts 802.15.4 adoption among several different wireless sensor network verticals.