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Set-Top Box Market Data


A newer version of this research is available.

Please refer to Set-Top Boxes and CPE to ensure you are viewing the latest forecasts.

The Database includes the following: STB Contracts: CATV, DBS, IP, DTT STB Contract Announcements Subscriber Base: CATV, DBD, IPTV, DTT Subscribers By Region STB (all by region for CATV, DBS, IP, DTT): STB Shipments and Market Value, ASPs for STBs, STB with HD Shipments, STB with PVR Shipments, and STB with HD and PVR Shipments. Gateways (all by region for CATV and IP): Gateway Shipments and Market Value; ASPs for Gateways. Decoder Chips (all by region for CATV, DBS, IP, DTT): STB decoder shipments and market value; STB Decoder Shipments by Compression Standard (MPEG-2, MPEG-4/WM-9 DSP, MPEG-4/WM-9 SOC)