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A newer version of this research is available.

Please refer to Wi-Fi Customer Premise Equipment (SOHO/Consumer and Enterprise Market) to ensure you are viewing the latest forecasts.

The Wi-Fi Equipment Database provides clients with highly segmented market share and forecast data on a quarterly basis for Wi-Fi radio infrastructure devices (access points, wireless routers, and wireless residential gateways), external Wi-Fi NICs, and Wi-Fi controllers. Both enterprise and SOHO/consumer vendor shipments are analyzed. Shipments and manufacturer’s revenue are segmented by: form factor, protocol, region, and vertical end-use market. Quarterly market share data provided consists of the period from 1Q 2005 through the present quarter. Annual forecasts provided consist of 2005 shipments and revenue, and forecast shipments and revenue through 2011, and are updated quarterly. Historical Wi-Fi equipment shipment and revenue data are available for the period prior to 2005, albeit in a different format. Companies that will find value in this Forecast Database include: Wi-Fi equipment and IC/component vendors, service providers, consumer electronics makers, networking technology consultants, and investment research firms.