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Consumer Electronics Forecast Database


A newer version of this research is available.

Please refer to Media Devices: UltraHD, 4K, HDR, 8K, HEVC to ensure you are viewing the latest forecasts.

This database contains market forecast data for LCD, RPTV and Direct View shipments, revenues and ASP. Plasma TV shipments, revenue and ASP are also broken down by region, along with DLP RPTV and FPTV. Similar data are given for DVD players, DVD recorders, HD DVD players and recorders, standalone PVRs, AV receivers, game consoles and portable game consoles, HTIB, portable audio and video players and cameras, SLRs and camcorders. Most forecasts are divided across six major regions, Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Middle East/Africa.