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    The Wearables and Devices sector delivers detailed analysis of the smartphone, tablet, and wearables industries with research extending from the underpinning enabling technologies implemented in future mobile devices to the demand and supply dynamics at work in the world’s markets. While these mobile devices create the largest global consumer electronics market, providing myriad opportunities, it also provides some of the toughest challenges for vendors as segments of the market mature. To counter this development, the practice provides an understanding of the next phase of growth in the mobile devices sector utilizing key segmentations, market data, and forecasts. Essential research areas to aid this understanding includes enterprise applications, mobile broadband adoption, the effects of new developing business models, demand shifts to the replacement market, the transformative impact of core enabling technologies (such as flexible displays, energy harvesting, array cameras, and smart biometrics), and new revenue opportunities in modular devices and smart accessories.

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    ABI Insight

    The Wearable Shortcut for Amputees

    4Q 2016

    Shortcut is a wearable device designed to transform how hand amputees interact with computers. The wristband connects to the Myo armband to translate muscle movement into movement on a computer screen. David Kaltenbach, Lucas Rex, and Maximilian Mahal developed the wearable device in Germany, where 15 people per day, on average, lose their hands. Most of these incidents stem from workers using heavy machinery, and the hand affected is often their dominant. The designers worked in cooperation with Ottobock, a German prosthetics company, and Fab Lab Berlin, a digital fabrication studio. The device has the potential to improve the lives of people with amputated hands, allowing them to interact with computers and other devices.



    Jonathan Collins

    Research Director

    David McQueen

    Research Director

    Marina Lu

    Senior Analyst

    Ryan Martin

    Senior Analyst

    Stephanie Lawrence

    Research Analyst