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    The Wearables and Devices sector delivers detailed analysis of the smartphone, tablet, and wearables industries with research extending from the underpinning enabling technologies implemented in future mobile devices to the demand and supply dynamics at work in the world’s markets. While these mobile devices create the largest global consumer electronics market, providing myriad opportunities, it also provides some of the toughest challenges for vendors as segments of the market mature. To counter this development, the practice provides an understanding of the next phase of growth in the mobile devices sector utilizing key segmentations, market data, and forecasts. Essential research areas to aid this understanding includes enterprise applications, mobile broadband adoption, the effects of new developing business models, demand shifts to the replacement market, the transformative impact of core enabling technologies (such as flexible displays, energy harvesting, array cameras, and smart biometrics), and new revenue opportunities in modular devices and smart accessories.

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    ABI Insight

    Fitbit Trackers to Help Breast Cancer Study

    3Q 2016

    The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is partnering with Fitbit to take part in a 6-year study to see if losing weight could stop breast cancer from returning to patients. Approximately 20% of women with breast cancer experience a recurrence of the disease, and excess body weight has been linked to the increased risk; however it is a previously untested theory. The study started in August 2016, and involves 3,200 overweight and obese women with early-stage breast cancer who were found through oncology practices in the U.S. and Canada.



    Jonathan Collins

    Research Director

    David McQueen

    Research Director

    Marina Lu

    Senior Analyst

    Ryan Martin

    Senior Analyst

    Stephanie Lawrence

    Research Analyst