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    The Transformative Technology sector looks at innovative technologies that are likely to transform the consumer lifestyle, enable new use cases, and increase productivity, while significantly reducing both capital and operation expenditures. The topics covered provide deep analysis of specific technologies already enabling new use cases such as augmented reality, virtual reality, wearables, consumer, industrial, and service robotics, and smart cities. The sector will also cover technologies that are beyond the immediate horizon, which will truly transform business and society over a five to fifteen year period. These include Cognitive and Neuromorphic Computing, Quantum Computing, 5G networks and beyond, and new materials and lithographic processes that will likely extend Moore’s Law to new milestones with materials, such as carbon nanotubes and graphene.

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    ABI Insight

    The Wearable Shortcut for Amputees

    4Q 2016

    Shortcut is a wearable device designed to transform how hand amputees interact with computers. The wristband connects to the Myo armband to translate muscle movement into movement on a computer screen. David Kaltenbach, Lucas Rex, and Maximilian Mahal developed the wearable device in Germany, where 15 people per day, on average, lose their hands. Most of these incidents stem from workers using heavy machinery, and the hand affected is often their dominant. The designers worked in cooperation with Ottobock, a German prosthetics company, and Fab Lab Berlin, a digital fabrication studio. The device has the potential to improve the lives of people with amputated hands, allowing them to interact with computers and other devices.



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    Managing Director and Vice President, B2B

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    Managing Director and Vice President, Strategic Technology

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    Research Director

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    Research Director

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    Research Analyst