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    The Transformative Technology sector looks at innovative technologies that are likely to transform the consumer lifestyle, enable new use cases, and increase productivity, while significantly reducing both capital and operation expenditures. The topics covered provide deep analysis of specific technologies already enabling new use cases such as augmented reality, virtual reality, wearables, consumer, industrial, and service robotics, and smart cities. The sector will also cover technologies that are beyond the immediate horizon, which will truly transform business and society over a five to fifteen year period. These include Cognitive and Neuromorphic Computing, Quantum Computing, 5G networks and beyond, and new materials and lithographic processes that will likely extend Moore’s Law to new milestones with materials, such as carbon nanotubes and graphene.

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    ABI Insight

    Google Adds Technical Talent with Tactical "Acqui-Hire" of Moodstocks

    3Q 2016

    Unlike many of the headline-making A.I./machine learning acquisitions by technology giants, Google’s Moodstocks purchase did not have ownership of a machine learning platform or technology as a primary goal. The acquisition of Moodstocks was, in reality, an “acqui-hire,” a tactical, incremental addition of technical talent, a skirmish in the larger strategic A.I./machine learning arms race being waged by some of the world’s largest technology companies.



    Dominique Bonte

    Managing Director and Vice President, B2B

    Joe Hoffman

    Managing Director and Vice President, Strategic Technology

    Malik Saadi

    Managing Director and Vice President, Strategic Technology

    Jonathan Collins

    Research Director

    Dan Kara

    Research Director

    Philip Solis

    Research Director

    Eric Abbruzzese

    Senior Analyst

    Ryan Martin

    Senior Analyst

    Stephanie Lawrence

    Research Analyst