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    The telecommunications industry is now entering an exciting phase of development many refer to as the Internet of Everything (IoE), including Internet of Humans (IoH), Internet of Digital (IoD), and Internet of Sensors (IoS). The objective here is to bring more “smartness” to the way humans and machines communicate. In order for this vision to materialize, enabling technologies must be harmonized under a common paradigm so they can enable seamless experiences across various verticals. There are five key technologies upon which the IoE world is built, namely sensor networks, connectivity, processing, software platforms, actuation technologies, and big data and machine learning. Based on these building blocks, the Semiconductors sector looks at the strategic technology deployment across various verticals with unparalled technology granularity covering all WLAN and WWAN technologies and technology combinations, processing platforms including CPUs, MCUs, MPUs, DSPs, ISPs, heterogeneous computing, high performance computing, key sensor technologies, and sensor fusions targeting various use cases from motion sensing, environment sensing, optical, and image sensing, to acoustic sensing and biometric sensing.

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    ABI Insight

    Amazon Teaching B&M Retailers Important Lessons

    4Q 2016

    Amazon’s tentative entry into ricks & mortar retail through the development of bookshops baffled many. However, there are some important lessons that other retailers can learn from Amazon in regards to how the company entered the space. I believe Amazon has a technological advantage because they started with a clean slate. Existing retailers should look at some of the advances Amazon made, and start to think about what they would do if they could start over.



    Sam Rosen

    Managing Director and VP, Video, OTT and AR/VR

    Malik Saadi

    Managing Director and Vice President, Strategic Technology

    Philip Solis

    Research Director

    Lance Wilson

    Research Director

    Lian Jye Su

    Senior Analyst

    Andrew Zignani

    Industry Analyst