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    The Internet of Things is causing the worlds of informational technologies and operational technologies to collide, and this collision will only get louder as suppliers and enterprises confront its complexity, opportunities, and challenges. The IT and OT Convergence sector examines the communications and protocol technologies linking the physical and digital domains and vying to create the smart factories and next-generation industrial processes of the future. The next generation enterprise will also need to implement new technologies such as beacons, augmented and virtual reality, and innovative uses of wearable technologies to create a more seamless workplace of machines and people. Billions of new connected endpoints also require that security be a top priority from the shop floor through to the data center. Finally, special focus is given to key markets that present some of the greatest complexities and opportunities as IT and OT merge and compete, including smart transportation, smart cities, and industrial robotics.

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    ABI Insight

    Technology Helping to Keep Karl Lagerfeld in Sunglasses

    3Q 2016

    What often fascinated me about events like New York and London Fashion Week is not the clothes, but everything else. Budgets are big and nothing is off limits; It is an education in viral marketing, shock and awe, excitement, must-haves–and ultimately selling products. You may recognize a few of these terms from previous insights on how retailers need to work on customer engagement in-store and now high-fashion has a few lessons on technology as well.



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