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    The arrival of BLE Beacons and next generation indoor location technologies represents a true evolution in location, enhancing traditional technologies while opening up a host of new revenue opportunities and markets. Just as location is at the core of unicorns like Uber and AirBnB, so it will play a fundamental element in verticals such as IoT, connected home, health, omnichannel retail, automotive, industrial 4.0, ambient intelligence, AR/VR, and mobile advertising.

    This research area provides clients with an unparalleled depth of coverage, across more than 20 next-generation indoor, outdoor, and hybrid location technologies, including BLE Beacons, GPS, Wi-Fi, LED/VLC, sensor fusion, camera, LPWAN, and LTE-direct, among others. These are analysed across 30+ vertical markets, with over 100 leading companies assessed in detail. All major revenue opportunities are covered with forecasts split by hardware, devices, services, analytics, advertising, and the shift to Location-as-a-Service (LaaS).

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    ABI Insight

    Why Has Google Opened Access to GPS Pseudoranges?

    3Q 2016

    At Google I/O, Steve Malkos announced that Google would begin providing developers with access to the raw GNSS pseudoranges for the first time. Previously, the GNSS IC consumed and processed this data, outputting an X,Y coordinate. Google now developed the APIs in its new Android operating system to access this raw data before it is passed to the GNSS IC. So what does this actually mean, and how will it change the Location-Based Services (LBS) market?



    Dominique Bonte

    Managing Director and Vice President, B2B

    Patrick Connolly

    Principal Analyst

    Raquel Artes

    Industry Analyst