HERE Mobility Redefines On-Demand Transportation

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1Q 2018 | IN-5017

HERE Technologies, a global leader in mapping and location services, announced its new HERE Mobility Marketplace at CES 2018, and it already boasts coverage in 17 countries with rapidly expanding, connected services in real time. Its solution benefits from robust location data, long-term partnerships with both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and mobility players, and consumer reach via the HERE WeGo app.

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HERE Open Mobility Marketplace Unites Consumers with Providers


HERE Technologies’ continued transformation of mobility now facilitates multimodal transport and lodging integration, optimized for a holistic customer experience, and positioned for smaller providers to compete through an open and efficient platform.

Mobility Dispatch integrates fully with the HERE Mobility Marketplace. The solution provides simple communication and updates with real-time fleet utilization through a demand prediction algorithm and optimization. A driver can synch using a single app and device. The dispatch solution increases a mobility provider’s demand opportunities through visibility and actionable insights gleaned from HERE’s big data analytics.

The HERE Mobile software development kit (SDK) is available through a native connection to the HERE Mobility Marketplace. This provides detailed user intelligence and numerous location services, and it will enable new and previously unknown mobility applications.

Shifting the Mobility Ecosystem


The current mobility ecosystem has numerous transport options (ride sharing, car sharing, mass transit, etc.), with regionally concentrated providers like Uber, Lyft, DiDi, Grab, and Ola, which can lead to barriers to entry. Two major barriers to growth are: 

  1. Consumer reach, with spending up to US$1 billion per year for industry leaders, while competitors spend 1,000 to 10,000X less.
  2. Technology and research and development (R&D), with larger operators enjoying 20% to 50% greater operating efficiencies.

HERE’s Open Mobility Marketplace is designed to be open to all industry providers, including other modalities such as trains and buses. The Mobility Marketplace will empower both consumers and businesses by delivering greater mobility freedom and access. The solution addresses both the first and last mile for consumers. This will generate new demand and create new business opportunities. HERE Mobility Dispatch reduces the gap in technology between larger, established players and smaller mobility service providers, leveling the playing field.

Mobility insights developed from the resulting big data and complex algorithms will enable improved efficiencies and maximize resources. This new solution employs machine learning and provides demand prediction while assessing supply through both real-time and historical data. This creates efficiencies via a comprehensive evaluation of optimized supply and demand, which alters a barrier to entry for both emerging and traditional providers. Consumers will be able to manage their transport dynamically in real time across transit modes.

Multimodal, Open and Connected Sets a New Bar


Ride sharing players are not the only providers to benefit. Airlines, car rental companies, shuttles, and hotels stand to benefit. The current broken user experience for travel forces consumers through a maze of disjointed apps and log-ins. HERE Technologies’ new web widget can fully customize an integrated consumer experience to keep them “in context” for a simplified, optimized, and multimodal transaction. When conditions change, HERE Technologies’ holistic, ETE solution will initiate updates as needed and notify all relevant parties, even providing additive services, increasing consumer engagement and loyalty through greater options.

Enterprise services include behavioral analytics and aggregation including identity of consumers’ destinations, transport types, pricing and payment options as well as hours of service to generate new partnerships, services, and optimized resources. The open marketplace is disruptive to “walled garden” solutions and will redefine the nature of competition. Additionally, cities without significant IT capabilities for smart city planning can benefit through access to HERE Technologies’ analytics to evolve and connect transport modes, screens, and citizens.


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