Telco 2.0 Industry Research

Mobilize your digital transformation and seize new opportunities in the Telco industry.

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A New Reality Means New Opportunities

The very nature of communications is changing, becoming more mobile, more instantaneous, and more technologically demanding than ever before.

As a result, it's increasingly important for mobile service providers to invest in new business models and operational processes in order to not only drive digital transformation, but reap the advantages of their investments.

Actionable Intelligence For The Telco Industry

ABI Research’s Telco 2.0 solution targets specific strategies to help solve important challenges facing the telco industry. We help top management and operational executives answer technology-related questions, including:
  • How can MSPs generate new revenue streams in vertical markets and what platform strategies need to be employed to do this successfully?
  • What is the upgrade path to 5G, the business model supporting it and strategies to maximize its market impact?
  • How do MSPs digitally transform their business and what operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities will it unlock?
  • How do MSPs effectively manage and curate their device, wearables and accessory portfolio to maximize customer retention and acquisition without excessive negative profitability impact?
  • How do MSPs target and grow their expansion platforms in markets, such as the Smart Home, and combat web-scale companies?
  • How should MSPs address video and OTT (over the top) content to manage its impact, prevent disintermediation and draw revenues from this market segment?
  • What technology platforms, such as 5G, AI (artificial intelligence), VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), automation and blockchain, will be key technological foundations for digital transformation?

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