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Conquer Digital Transformation In The Media & Technology Landscape

The media and technology space is rapidly evolving, thanks in large part to technology innovations in augmented and virtual reality, video, and smart home.

Use cases and associated ROI are paramount questions today in AR/VR, and ABI Research delivers qualitative and quantitative insight on both through identifying prominent use cases by vertical, device differentiations, and active users in these use cases. Dedicated AR/VR media and entertainment market sizing, for device shipments/install base and total value chain revenues, are joined by topic and vertical deep dives such as Location-based VR experiences. A deep understanding of the value chain from silicon level component players to value-add platforms allow for a level of breadth and depth across the market that can power varied decision making and research objectives.

The interactions between old (pay tv) and new (streaming, pervasive screen) remains a necessary component of market knowledge for most, to understand where opportunity resides between a mature market, a maturing market, and an entirely nascent market. Qualitative and quantitative coverage includes consumer devices (TVs, game consoles, gateways/routers), middleware vendors, connectivity technologies and providers (such as for fixed line 5G to homes), pay TV and streaming services and subscribers. Increasing analysis around the impact of newer technology on the video market, such as AI and edge streaming/compute, presents a total market picture to include the mature and novel sides of the market, and everything in between powering creation, delivery, and consumption.

Finally, the smart home is influencing, and is being influenced by, advancements and changes in other industries, inlcuding energy, automotive, mobile, robotics, and healthcare. We help identify friction points and drivers in this competitive market. 

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