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Immersive Collaboration and Communication: Trends in Video Conferencing

The communication and collaboration market is clearly and indisputably seeing heightened interest and demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. The lingering impacts of these unprecedented times are expected to accelerate adoption of newer technologies like Extended Reality (XR) and increase growth rates of more established markets like video conferencing hardware, which is forecasted to approach US ...

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Combating Illegal Content Streaming and Piracy

As pay TV and OTT service providers battle to gain market share, they are investing heavily in premium content, advanced equipment, and technologies that support low latency and offer a better user experience. Despite efforts to maintain and gain subscribers, service providers are increasingly challenged by piracy and illegal content streaming. With a number of ...

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The State of 5G for Fixed Wireless Broadband

Fixed wireless broadband services based on Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology have been widely deployed globally, with its primary focus on areas with a poor fixed network infrastructure. Today, 5G technology opens more opportunities for the fixed wireless broadband segment. 5G supports gigabit speed broadband with ultra-low latency, allowing service providers to provide a fiber-like broadband ...

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6 Tech Trends that WON'T Be Ready for 2020

As is the case heading into each new year, predictions on technology advancements and innovations are in abundance. After a tumultuous 2019 beset by many challenges, both integral to technology markets and derived from global market dynamics, 2020 looks set to be equally challenging.

In our whitepaper, 54 Technology Trends to Watch in 2020 ...

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Pay TV Subscribers Not Yet Ready to Cut the Cord

The collective whisper amongst would-be cord cutters is pervasive — many consumers suggest that paying a monthly premium for channels and content they aren't regularly consuming has heightened the urge to switch to streaming platform services like Apple TV, Netflix, or Hulu. Although your regional cable provider faces a continuously difficult challenge in keeping customers and generating revenue, the pay ...

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The Pervasive Screen Is Coming. But When?

The last decade and a half has seen a tremendous amount of change in the video market, especially when you consider TVs extended history. The arrival of YouTube in 2005 sparked a revolution in video that both scared the incumbents and excited the masses – this was the “democratization of video” and the power was ...

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What's Next for Flat Panel TVs?

The consumer market for flat panel HD TVs has continuously grown throughout the last decade and a half. Due to larger screen sizes, higher resolution, and increased smart capabilities, flat panel TV adoption has overcome what is generally a saturated market. The demand for the most updated, "must-have" technology in arguably the home's most important ...

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Ad Tech Spend Adding Up Quickly

As people continue to consume content in new formats, and on new platforms, advertisers are seeking out new ways to connect. As a result, digital ad spend is accounting for larger portions of marketing budgets, which is great news for advertising technology (ad tech) companies.