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Lofty Opportunities are Emerging with AR Cloud

The Augmented Reality (AR) cloud will play a catalytic role in the way that users engage and search for information, simultaneously transforming the way businesses operate and communicate with customers and employees in both physical and digital forms. It has the potential to directly impact most of the AR value chain, which ABI Research forecasts ...

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The Digital Enterprise Ecosystem: Augmented Reality Spotlight

Novel technologies and markets share very similar patterns: a hype cycle, followed by a steep decline as realistic barriers and obstacles become more apparent, ultimately followed by substantial growth as those barriers are overcome. The speed at which these new technologies and markets catch on is based on an amalgamation of near infinite factors, with ...

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The Power Of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality For Education

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality devices have begun to reshape industries and businesses all over the world. Now, these technologies are poised to revolutionize classrooms as well.

According to our new Augmented and Virtual Reality in Education application analysis report, by 2023:

  • Spend for AR in education will reach $5.3 billion
  • Spend for VR ...