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The Artificial Intelligence investment landscape enjoyed another year of strong growth in 2019, with the United States taking the lead, reaching a record US$22.7 billion. Despite multiple headwinds and realignment of interest and priorities that can typically breed uncertainty, the market did not suffer any fatigue.

Enterprises are increasingly warming up to the value of ...

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What Will Become of the Unmanned Store?

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has kept consumers at home in recent weeks and turned the retail industry upside-down. Public health awareness has motivated shoppers (primarily of food and essentials) to keep their outings brief and contact-free. Once our daily lives and routines re-enter a state of normalcy, the effects of the pandemic could precipitate a ...

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U.S. Vs. China Manufacturing: How AI Will Shape The Landscape

Industrial manufacturing is undoubtedly a strong economic catalyst in both the United States and China. Artificial Intelligence represents an opportunity to not only revolutionize the industrial manufacturing space, but drive economic transformation and growth as well. 

While both countries have integrated AI capabilities into their industrial manufacturing operations, the United States currently holds a ...

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According to our research, the total installed base of devices with Artificial Intelligence will grow from 2.694 billion in 2019 to 4.471 billion in 2024.

Billions of petabytes of data flow through AI devices every day. However, right now, most of these AI devices are working independently of one another. Yet, as the volume ...

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ROS On The Rise

As robots become more commonplace in commercial and industrial settings, companies are searching for ways to optimize how robots behave and interact with one another.

It’s no wonder, then, that our data shows an explosion in the adoption of the Robot Operating System. In fact, according to our new Open-Source Robotics Projects report, nearly 55 ...