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Biometrics: The Evolution Toward Digital Identities

Traditional government-issued documents are currently the worldwide standard and function as the primary form of ID. They are required for standard identification uses and as a mandatory step toward other fundamental societal interactions, including registering for banking services, voting, accessing healthcare facilities, and, of course, traveling and border control. The concept of citizen identity in ...

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Smart Cities Facing Increased Cybersecurity Risks

With worldwide urban populations on the rise year after year, smart cities project developers are searching for ways to create increasingly intelligent, efficient, and sustainable solutions. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been the technological starting block, but as IoT usage and implementation expands its reach across several verticals, increased digitization needed to power smart ...

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Fingerprint Scanners vs. Facial Recognition: Which Tech Is Winning The War With Consumers?

If you have purchased a new mobile phone in recent years, chances are it features either a fingerprint sensor or some combination of face and iris recognition – if not both. These technologies, which were first introduced in consumer-facing phones earlier this decade, have grown tremendously in terms of popularity and adoption.