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Wearable payments are finally coming into their own, despite having been around for more than a decade. Traditionally viewed as a fashion accessory, they are now enjoying more mainstream adoption as a contactless, convenient, and frictionless method of payment.

Contactless and Near-Field Communication-enabled mobile payments have become an overarching trend within the payments market, driven ...

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Integrating security into IoT projects is no easy feat. However, it is an increasingly urgent necessity. With an installed base of 44 billion connected devices projected for 2023, the amount of data and information generated and shared will reach zettabytes of data, according to our data and forecasts.

Highly Sensitive. Highly Vulnerable.

Much of the data flowing ...

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EU Cybersecurity Act Comes into Force: What Does That Mean for the Private Sector?

In June 2019, the new EU Cybersecurity Act quietly came into force. It is effectively a Regulation (2019/881) which means it is applicable verbatim across the Union. The Act confers a permanent mandate to the EU cybersecurity agency ENISA, which sees its remit and budget significantly expanded. ENISA will not only support policy and ...